Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Artist block.

It's here again. The thing that every inspiring artist dreads, when it knocks on their door they-in a heartbeat-run for under the covers hoping not to be spotted by the blood thirsty beast called; artist block.

Artist block has been visiting me for about a week now, although it's not as bad as it used to be. I can still draw things and draw some of them somewhat well, but I have no inspiration or picture ideas, I'm finding myself copying allot and even then I can't seem to do anything. The best thing I can draw right now is. . . a head shot. Haha.

In this last week of artist block I have been thinking about my style. Yes, my art style. It's something I'm not particularly proud of. So ive been thinking if I should change my art style. I consulted my older brother and he gave a wonderful piece of advice:
"Take a year and dedicate it to drawing a different style."

I thought that was a wonderful idea, and so I am dedicating 2010 to realistic anime drawings. 2011 is dedicated to advancement in my portraits and real life drawing. So with that said, here is the last thing I did recently:


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wired, Like air is my Engery Drink.

Last night around 12:00AM I discovered that I was as wired as the day I drank a large Mnt. dew Energy drink. I don't know why, but I could just not get sleepy. Upon discovering this, I decided to draw. I have been drawing for 6 years, and through that whole time I have never been able to create a male character that I was proud of. So thus, With the help of friends, this was made.

Name: Cross Kozlov
Age: 19
Birthday: January, 1, 1991 (Sagittarius)
Hair: white
Eyes: Ice Blue
Type: Yandere
Job: Waiter
Family: Ace (His Little Brother)

Likes: Pandas, Knifes, Fish, Ace, Tormenting. . .er. . .anything really, but mostly ace, his job, the sky, flying, high places, ballrooms.

Dislikes: The dark, underground, small places (Hes claustrophobic), Messy houses, Dirt, Cats, Butterflies (A odd fear of his.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here we are to welcome 2010.

I did it. I made it through another year of tossing and turning, of up and downs. Like anyone else, right? This year has over all kinda been depressing. I kinda lost the pizazz of my life this year, like a huge worry and depression come over in a dark cloud called 2009. It was hard and it did some damage to my mentally. I'm not as strong as I used to be and I'm a little worried. I'm growing up and I'm moving through and even though I've been kicking for some years, it still seems like I know nothing about this big scary world.

Although I don't really make New Years resolutions, I tried doing so this year.

*Be a more understanding person
*Work on my portrait and realistic drawing
*Tell more people about Jesus
*Try and work on my book more
*Read my bible each night
*Get my Manga started.
*Get in touch with God again

That last one is going to kill me. I'm so scared to go back and I don't know why, but I know once I get their it will be all right. Some of those resolutions might make you laugh, because they are not very serious, but every one of these points I want to see if I can get done by the end of the year (Some of them though, will be life long.)
Oh? Did I mention these as well for life long?

*Learn Japanese
*Learn Russian
*Learn German
*Learn French
*Travel the world
*Become a Manga artist
*Publish a book
*Go to Hollywood
*See the Iditorod
*Pay to be dressed like a meiko (Kyoto, Japan)
*Voice act an anime
*Write a book and publish it
*Become a Missionary in Japan (Maybe a translator too, whatever God wants me to do is what this space is reserved for. Haha. )
*Create an animation

Yes, that's my bucket list. Haha.

So, I know there is no art in this post but. . . I just have to tell you, I did it again.
That's right. I started a picture at 2009, and then finished it around, oh, I dont know, 2010. 1 MINUTE after 2010! That's insane, and you know how I signed it? "2009" Haha! It had only been 2010 for 1 minute so I didn't remember and I had to scribble it out and put "2010" And that's how my year started. As scatter brained as ever.


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